About Me

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My e-mail address: { markandey dot singh at gmail dot com }
My Twitter Timeline: @markandey

I am Markandey Singh
I am programmer and hacker, Feel free to talk me in any of these languages BASIC-->C-> C++->Java->C#-->Python-->JavaScript. I Have worked on every layers of software right from firmware to web. I love photography, trekking , bungee jumping & motor bikes. I stay in Bangalore and cook my own food. I am atheist and strong believer of 'natural selection' & 'survival of fittest ideology'. I don't like democracy, & (almost) like absolute monarchy.

Many of my hacks can be found here.
I host my mashups on http://www.purplegene.com which is another website of mine.

Few More Facts about me
  1. I am atheist.
  2. I am huge fan of book "Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins.
  3. I appreciate humor.
  4. I have my own opinion on almost every aspect of life. So if you are looking for some fresh opinion, do contact me, I am sure, you'll be surprised by my thoughts.
  5. I believe every problem is a different nail so we need to have right hammer. Thats why i am not a crazy fan of only one thing like {windows or mac} , {Microsoft or Open Source}, {Apple, Google or Microsoft} or {visual studio , eclipse, emacs, text-mate or Vi). Point is, do not take anything as your religion and use your brain to decide what is right?
  6. I am a bungee jumper. (sorry for being a gas bag :P )
  7. My laptop looks really crazy(so is my coffee mug).
  8. I love photography, but I don't mange my photographs properly,set1 set2.
  9. I love motor-biking, if you are in my city and planning some trip do contact me.
  10. My name is after markandeya, who was saint as per Hindu mythology. This name is very uncommon in India, so people get confused whether I am south Indian or north Indian. I am north Indian and my native place is in Mau, Uttar Pradesh , India. My Handle on twitter is @markandey, most closest twitter handle which is not mine is @markadey .
  11. I am very poor when it comes to English grammar, but I am not at all proud about it, I always try to make it better. (feel free to point out grammatical mistake in my posts).
  12. I started my programming from BASIC.
  13. I learned Java by coding my own Java IDE back in 2003.
  14. I coded a Network Hacking Program in 2004 HackPro for windows XP.
  15. I Implemented a Tamil-OCR in C#.net during my college days(paper).
  16. I am supporting and funding green-peace.
  17. I am married to a very beautiful lady , her blog is here .