Javascript Language Sugar (one liners)

Here are some good one liners in javascript

//Hello World Program Which is Palindrome

(alert)('Hello, World') && ('dlroW ,olleH')(trela)

//Reverse a string

"this is a string".split("").reverse().join("");

//Trim a string

" Hello World ".replace(/^\s*|\s*$/g,'')

//HTML escape

"<b>Hello HTML</b>".replace(/([&<>])/g,function (c) {return "&" + {"&": "amp","<": "lt",">": "gt"}[c] + ";";});

//Shuffle an array

[1,2,3,4,5].sort(function(){return (4*Math.random()>2)?1:-1})

//Detect IE


//Force String to be a Number (multiply or divide by 1)


//Force to be boolean

!!"some value"

//Converting string to Leet

"Hello Hacker".replace(/[a-z]/g,function f(a){return "4BCD3F6H1JKLMN0PQR57"[parseInt(a, 36)-10] || a.replace(/[a-t]/gi,f)});

//Clone an array

var clone = [1,2,4,5,6,9].slice(0);

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  1. Interesting... when I first saw the palindrome, I thought, how is ('dlroW ,olleH')(trela) supposed to work?? trela is undefined, and how can you apply a string as a function?

    But apparently alert() returns undefined, which is falsy, and so ('dlroW ,olleH')(trela) is never executed... and therefore never throws an error. I guess that's due to JS being interpreted rather than compiled, so what minimal checking there is, doesn't happen until an expression is evaluated.


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