3 Things to fix window management on Mac (for Windows-7 users)

Hey Guys,
I recently switched to mac (Snow Leopard) from windows7. Window management on Windows has been always good compare to the mac, except the feature like expose which is missing on Windows for long time.

When you switch on mac  you might miss couple of feature related to window management. Here is few things you need to fix.

1) Capability to maximize windows 
Window maximizing on Mac sucks, when you maximize it, window will just increase its height to fill the screen and width will remain same. Windows users are definitely not use to this, so to fix this you need a application called RightZoom.  It will simply fix the default behavior of green button. RightZoom is free.
2) Aero Snap
Window snapping on the edges was an awesome feature added in windows7. It made the life real easy when you trying to keep 2 windows side by side. Though exact feature is not available on mac via various paid utilities but the ShiftIt Is good enough to bring kind of similar experience on mac and its free.

3) Capability to Go Fullscreen
Most of the application on mac don't go fullscreen,    I seriously hate this, To fix this problem You can use MegaZoomer, Which will introduce a shortcut to go full screen in most of the application. This is application is also free. Megazoomer is SIMBL plugin, download and install SIMBL first and then copy the Megazoomer in the plug in directory. You might have to restart the machine after installation.

Download MegaZoomer

Thanks for reading !

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