How To Reorganize your pictures based on Exif data (into folders)

Hi ,
Its often good Idea to reorganize your pictures (images) into folders based on date when its taken.
I have written a small python script which does nothing but displays a command suggestion to move your files in directories.

Here is script

How To Use

Lets say you have saved above script in a file
so if your execute this script
$./ filename m
this will print the month and year part of the date when this picture is taken.
so based on your need (whether you want to achieve yearly/monthly or daily) chose the right option.

Sample output

If you use this script  with find command it will recursively print the command suggestion for all file. Save this output in a file and execute like a shell script (or batch file if you are on windows).

Here is command to get the monthly archival command-list
$find . -name *.JPG -type f -exec ./ {} m \;

1.make sure that there is a space after m and \;
2.If you are on windows u need cygwin for find comand.
3.this python script uses PIL library (so you need python and PIL library)

Sample output with find command

(Note: Install PIL on you machine here

How to remove "New Twitter notification" blue bar from twitter home page (Bookmarklet)

Hi Guys,
If you are not using "new twitter" interface then you might be finding very annoying to see that blue bar at the top of twitter home page. Here is a very simple way to fix it.

Drag and Drop this bookmark-let on your bookmark bar and click it every-time u see that bar, it will give you hell lot of satisfaction.

If you are a chrome user and dont want to click this bookmark-let all the time, use this extension. This extension will fix the problem for ever.

Thanks for reading, have fun.