Selecting the right web host is not a child's play

Finding a reliable webhosting company is not as easy as it seems. Since the company will be responsible for keeping your website up and running, it is extremely important to choose the best services. There are literally thousands of webhosting companies that offer appealing packages, so you should determine exactly what you need for your website. Here are a few guidelines for you to take note of.

It is recommended to do some research and read customer reviews and testimonials before choosing a web host. There are many customers writing in to express their satisfaction, so you should check out those companies. It is very difficult to assess web hosting agencies and their service quality based on the information they provide. This is why you should search for accurate details from various sources.

There are a few companies that offer professional webhosting services. For instance, Just Host is an excellent option for those who need dedicated server, unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, free site builder, free instant setup, and free domain for life. The company provides a money back guarantee too, so be sure to have a look and review the web hosting plans available.

In case you are searching for cheap dedicated server, free domain registration, free quick setup, and free maintenance services, check out Dream Host. The company is highly specialized in cheap web hosting, server collocation, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. All plans include unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited domains hosted, unlimited discussion lists, Perl support, SSL Secure Servers, enhanced web security, and account upgrades.

For the best domain services, Go Daddy is a great choice. Being one of the most popular webhosting companies, Go Daddy provides three basic plans featuring unlimited bandwidth, website statistics, free email addresses, daily backups, 24/7 FTP access, and Ad Credits from MySpace, Google, and Facebook. Customers also receive Fotolia photo credits and free access to the best firewalls, routers, and servers.

If you want to become an authority in your field and increase the popularity of your website in search engines, it is essential to opt for the best webhosting services. Slow performance is unacceptable to most Internet users, so be sure to select a company that offers reliable hosting plans. Make sure the agency you're interested in provides customer service and support. They must have a team of experts who can solve any issue and get your website running again whenever you need technical help. Keep in mind that your service provider must be updated with the latest trends in technology on a constant basis.

In case you have an ecommerce website that requires high security such as credit card payment and processing, as well as banking transactional activities, it is advisable to opt for dedicated web hosting. Try to find a reputable company that offers cheap dedicated server, list mailing management, traffic statistics, and shopping carts. Last but not least, select a web host that provides message boards, forums, and chat rooms. These services allow you to get in touch with other webmasters and online business owners and share your ideas. More than that, these features will help you find out what your customers have to say about your services and products. What matters the most is to find a hosting provider that delivers the greatest amount of bandwidth, the highest quality services, and the best customer response for a competitive price.

Best Way to Implement Paging On AppEngine (Python)

I was trying to do pagination on AppEngine, and was trying to find best solution because pagination is not just the matter of solving, that might be easy but question is what is the best way to do it so that performance is also good and you are not overloading the db queries. I evaluated various libraries available online for paging and found that this library is best one

Read the API Documentation here, its very easy to use. It wraps your db object so you might not have to do too much of refactoring in your existing code.

Here is example of python code using this library
from google.appengine.ext import db
from google.appengine.ext.webapp import RequestHandler, WSGIApplication
import paging;
from paging import *

class SomeStuff(db.Model):
  userHandle= db.StringProperty()
  date = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add=True)
def getMyStuff(user,page):
 query = SomeStuff.all()
 query.filter('userHandle =', user);
        #Here i am using the class from library, 
        #download the code from link given above
 myPagedQuery = PagedQuery(query, 10)
 if page>1:
  ret["results"] = myPagedQuery.fetch_page(page);
  ret["results"] = myPagedQuery.fetch_page();
 ret["nextPageExists"] = myPagedQuery.has_page(page+1);
 if page-1 >0:
  ret["prevPageExists"] = myPagedQuery.has_page(page-1);
 return ret;
class UserPage(RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        page=self.request.get("page", default_value="1");
 if pageinfo["nextPageExists"]: next_page=page+1;
 if pageinfo["prevPageExists"]: prev_page=page-1;
 template_values = {
 path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'userpage.html');
 self.response.out.write(template.render(path, template_values));

And here is the page template

{%for stuff in stuffs%}
  {{|timesince}} ago
{% if prev_page %}   
<a href="/page?page={{prev_page}}">Previous Page</a>   
{% endif %}   

{% if next_page %}   
<a href="/page?page={{next_page}}">Next Page</a>   
{% endif %}   

How to fix *.OGV file to upload on YouTube (for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS users)

Hi Guys,
Just sharing my experience with *.ogv, while I was trying to upload a video on YouTube.
I was using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and used gtk-recordMyDesktop to record a screencast and uploaded the video on YouTube, I found that youtube is showing completely gabbled video.

I could not figure out the problem but i simply converted the video to avi and uploaded on youtube, problem solved!!

How to convert to avi?
Basically you have 3 options.

  1. Using mencoder.
  2. Using ffmpeg.
  3. Using DeVeDE.

The only option which worked really nice with me is mencoder (use following command)

mencoder input.ogv -ovc xvid -oac mp3lame -xvidencopts pass=1 -o output.avi

Problem with other 2 options ( i observed)

  1. DeVeDe was converting correctly, but messing up with the length of video.
  2. ffmpeg completely failed to convert (was gabbling the video like Youtube).

To install mencoder use ubuntu software center.

Portable wire-free Wi-Fi Router in India

Tata has launched a new product “TATA Photon Wi-Fi Router”. With this, you can now create a portable hotspot anytime, anywhere. It is a device that enables you to share Wi-Fi with up to 5 users/devices simultaneously to access internet: Imagine the whole family accessing the internet from their respective devices – iPod Touch, WiFi enabled smartphone, laptop – on the go, all using this one portable router!

Introductory price is 4999/-

Device is powered by rechargeable Li-ion Battery.
More Information find here