HindiTransliteration (c# and JavaScript implementation, works offline)

When I was in college, I wrote a quick and dirty code to transliterate in Hindi (DevNagari Script). Much before Google's Implementation.
{This code was kept on my old desktop PC,I Thought, its a good idea to share with the rest of the world}

Though my implementation is not very robust, but Its very simple and small. It does not require any Internet connection and can work offline.

Note: code was originally written in and converted to javascript latter.
Here is Code(solution zipped)

You need to call function
Where str(as input): Phonetically typed (in English) Hindi .
Returns: Hindi in Devnagari script.

Using JavaScript Code
Get the JavaScript File from here include in your html page and call function

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  1. i am trying to write an offline transliteration html .
    using javascript is best , because it will work on any browser independent of operating system
    i have idea of html not much about javascript
    can you guide me ?


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