HindiTransliteration (c# and JavaScript implementation, works offline)

When I was in college, I wrote a quick and dirty code to transliterate in Hindi (DevNagari Script). Much before Google's Implementation.
{This code was kept on my old desktop PC,I Thought, its a good idea to share with the rest of the world}

Though my implementation is not very robust, but Its very simple and small. It does not require any Internet connection and can work offline.

Note: code was originally written in C#.net and converted to javascript latter.
Here is C#.net Code(solution zipped)

You need to call function
Where str(as input): Phonetically typed (in English) Hindi .
Returns: Hindi in Devnagari script.

Using JavaScript Code
Get the JavaScript File from here include in your html page and call function

Kill All Chrome Instance at once (Linux+ Windows)

Windows users can follow this instructions here.
Or simply use command

        taskkill /F /IM chrome.exe

Linux geeks can use this command 

                         pkill -9 chrome 
(on Linux if u have chromium installed the process name changes so command will change to pkill -9 chromium) 

this command is equivalent to command 
kill -9 `ps -A |grep chrome| cut -d "?" -f1`

How This works?
I am sure that, most of the Linux users can easily figure it out, but for those who want explanation here you go...
  ps -A          list all the processes
  grep chorme     will filter only those process which has name as chrome
  cut -d "?"     will cut the process Id potion of the out put.
  kill -9   kills a process ,
so above command will kill all the process with name chrome.
Please Note that this command will work on those processes which are not command line (mostly launched from UI ) (i.e whose tty field is "?")