How to organize life using twitter?

{Happy Birthday To Twitter, Today on 21st March 2010, little bird (twitter) is all grown up. }
Today in this article I am going to tell you some little tip to organize your life with twitter. Read my old article about how I have linked my social network.

Twitter is popular because of 2 main reasons, Simplicity & Accessibility. Twitter Updates (tweets) are just 140 character long, and you can post these update from any media e.g Browser, twitter clients, phone client, by SMS or even by writing down on paper.

For centuries there are 2 very popular ways of organizing life,
1.Note Making
2.ToDo List
Despite these things being a popular way of organizing life, majority of people fails to maintain a single note-book or a ToDo list, because if your life is so organized to maintain a ToDo List or notebook then probably you never need them. Point is, either you are using a paper, phone, iPod or your laptop to maintain your ToDo list , none of them is accessible all the time & everywhere. Eventually this accessibility problem is almost solved by twitter, So there can not be any better tool like twitter to organize your life.

I always loved 2 tools on web for maintaining my todo list and notes, because they are also accessible via twitter.

EverNote is very nice note making tool. I am not going to tell you much about it. You can just go an try it. I love its web-clip boorkmarklet to take note while browsing. Addition to specific client it has for iPhone, Android and Win-Mobile, You can also add a note in EverNote by just @replying to @myen or send a DM(direct message) to it. Now since tweet can be posted by all ways described above , you can access your note from every where.

   note to self "kill all currupt politicians" @myen
d myen think about explaination why photo frame is better than diamond necklace on valentine's day
Remember The Milk

Remember the milk has a very similar accessibility options as EverNote, the difference is in aproach, This is a ToDo list for task management. You can also access it by sending DM to @rtm
d rtm pick up the milk
d rtm !complete call jimmy

Search Your Tweets
Here is last tip, Since twitter has become your primary place to dump thoughts, Its better to have a way to search your tweets. Twitter search is a real time search, it only gives you results from a very small time-frame, sometime you might like to search your old tweets. To get this functionality here is a hack, subscribe your twitter feed in Google Reader, Google readers stores all the feeds subscribed by you and indexes it, so that you can search them latter. RSS feed of your tweets will be at this address (if you have unprotected updates only)[your TWITTER HANDLE].rss

twitter might discontinue RSS feeds soon, so this technique might not work now. There is an awesome service written by Remy Sharp to search old tweet try is. SnapBird

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope this was helpful. Please share on twitter and Facebook if you liked it.


  1. Nice post Mark.I use Google Calender on my Laptop and have it automatically synchronized in my Blackberry calender. All time in focus ;)

  2. thanks for the nice tools. i use twitter as a piece of communication with some important people (VIP). and it proved realy helpful! especially in the case of press release publication..

  3. sözlük,
    Thanks for sweet words :D


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