How to get Tabs (navigation bar) on new blogger templates

Hi There,
First of all you might have seen that blogger has brought-up new Template Designer. This article is to tell you that "how can you add tabs in these new templates?"

Its very easy

  1. Open
  2. Go To layout section and add a page element of type "HTML/Javascript" just below "Blog Header"
  3. Now add this code in the widget.

<li><a href="">Sample URL</a></li>
<li><a href="" >Example Links</a></li>

Note that between ul tag you can add many as li items as you want.
each li item will have a anchor ("a") element whose href property needs to be set to the URL you want this tab to link, and text portion goes in between.

customize this code as you want, and then paste them in the widget section.
save your widget and enjoy the tabs.

Thanks for reading my blog