How to add custom about me page on blogger

Note: This blog post is deprecated !!! Use Pages Feature to create about-me page 

Hi There,
Here I am going to talk about a dirty hack to make custom about me page on blogger. Lets have a look what you are going to get after doing all this.

So, Basically you are going to make an blog post which will contain "about me information" which you wanted to put on your blog. Then you will remove date entry(time stamp) / and comment option for this page so that it will not look like a post.
Note: Save your existing template before, doing anything. If you break anything , you can restore the template back.
Create a blog post with title "about me" and content whatever you want. Then go to Post option


Go to post option and click "Don't allow comment" and Set time-stamp to a very old date (may be much before your birth).

To remove time-stamp from this post your have to wrap part of code which generates Time stamp in your template with this code.
<b:if cond='data:post.allowComments'>


This is basically a way to tell that whatever "post does not allow comment" will not generate few things (which is time-stamp in our case). 
Go to layout section of your blog, and go to edit HTML. Choose "Expand Widget Templates" option.

Now select all the text from Text area and put in your favorite "Text Editor" . (FYI My favorite editor is Notepad++).

Now wrap following 2 block with code above
<h2 class='date-header'><span><data:post.dateHeader/></span></h2>
<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>


Once you are done with this editing, go paste the entire thing back to blogger text-area and save the template.

Note: You should wrap the code very carefully, basic HTML knowledge is very essential for this.  Every Div block starts and ends some where , so wrapping must be perfect.

You can link the URL of the page on "About Me Tab" Read My other post.

Thats it, Your are done!!!


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  5. @Andiegrants and @Shawn i agree with you guys.

  6. My about me wasn't showing on my blog, so I deleted it and just used the text widget. But now, I want my picture in it too. does anyone know how to insert an about me widget? I can't seem to find one.

  7. very helpful


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