Simplest Way to Add code review using CodeCollaborator

One of the simplest way to add code review is by doing a diff on 2 folders. Where Folder1 Contains the previous code and Folder2 contains updated code.

Unfortunately the documentation was lil messy and I was not able to do it.

Here is simplest simplest example.

Use command line client of Code Collaborator and type this command
ccollab adddiffs new  Folder1 Folder2

Instead of new, you can write the review number which you have created at your server.

ccollab adddiffs 12345  Folder1 Folder2

I had problem about this, so posting here. May be this will help you as well.

Good thing is smatbears people are on twitter and they helped me.. Thanks guys.

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  1. And we're going to enhance that page of our documentation, too!


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