Bungee with BungeeAmerica (on The Bridge to Nowhere)

Yes, I am talking about my life time experience of bungee jumping which I did with company called Bungee America.

How to get reservation
--Call them (310-322-8892) and follow the procedure


  1. Bungee Jumping is awesome, I jumped thrice.  But jumping with bungee America is even cool, because you are 100% safe.
  2. Before reaching to bungee spot, we hiked 5 miles in canyons(deep inside San Gabriell mountains). that was really cool. In-fact I hv never done any hiking like that before. Hiking on the trail, was really adventurous.
  3. First we all reached Azusa, 6th street. From there we drove our car to last parking deep inside the San Gabriell mountains.
  4. From Last Parking lot we all hiked to "Bridge To Nowhere", which is a 5 mile hike, and you will cross the river 6 times. So our shoes gone wet (we all were in Bermuda Pants). This hike takes almost 2 hours of time and very tiring, though there are no steep slope.
  5. We all had our lunch with us, because there is nothing you will get there to eat.
  6. When you will reach there everyone will be excited & when you will go for bungee, everyone will cheer you up. That is cool, because when you are going for something like that you need support of crowd.

Here you go FullScreen
(Photos are mapped here)
Note: Azusa is a place near to Los Angeles, CA

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