We Code writers are better than Literary Writers

We write to make it readable.
Yes, we spend 20% of our coding time to produce working code, and rest of 80% time in beautifying and indenting our code. We love to make our code more and more readable.

We don't beat around the bush.
We write very specific. We hate un-necessary details. We try to communicate the message (the solution) as early as possible.

We love to keep it simple.
We as a code writer, don't try to complicate things. We feel much better when we see our solution simple. That's why we say KISS (keep it simple, stupid!).

We don't repeat Information.
yes, we believe in DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle. we represent one information at only one place. Though many novice developers make mistake to represent  information twice and thrice in their code. This brings a serious problem.

We don't count pages.
We developers, (true developer) feels very productive when we delete LOC( line of code). Most managers in our company think that LOC is true measure of our productivity, but we don't.  We love to delete code, and our most productive time is spent in deleting Code.

We are open.
As an innovator, we try to present idea, even if we are scared that idea can be stolen. We don't think hiding an idea makes any kind of sense.

We are least bothered, when it comes to plagiarism.
Unlike literary writers, we are less concerned about plagiarism. We love if someone copy our code. We take it as a good news. in-fact the whole open source philosophy is based on it. We just request to mention our name in the code, but if they don't mention we don't bother.