We need answer, not a new Search Engine!

This week Microsoft have released a new search engine.  I was very positive about it and  made my mind not to ignore everything which is coming out of Microsoft.
Now I will tell you, today's incident. I was looking into the new release of Opera and read about Dragon-Fly. Dragon-Fly is clone of Firebug on Opera. I also remember that IE-8 also comes with Developer-Tool, which is another clone of Firebug on IE. Naturally a question came in my mind that “Who created this firebug?”.
After this i was about to type “creator of firebug” in Chrome’s Ominibar, but stopped myself, thought of searching this thing in first.
So what's next? I searched in bing, and bang! i could not get the answer. Now search in Google, the first result is having the name of “joe hewitt” .
So the conclusion is, we need answer not another search engine!!!
(Bing! did you hear that?)
Do you know that is another hyped and so called “semantic search engine” which also suck big time. Go and search the “creator of firebug”.
Wolframalpha’s reply about the same query “Wolfram|Alpha isn't sure what to do with your input.



    compare the first results.

  2. this is in Bing

    This is in Google

    I am not bothering what page is containing but the result which is generated by Google has my answer "Joe Hewitt" 3 times on the page.

    Consequently I might not visit this page, rather i will get the answer from the snippet at the search result


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