twimr-04: 3 awesome JavaScript library, phone sex & cool design

Recently, These things really excited me.
First is this design of Auto-Cannibalistic Table, which eats the the waste, into dirty mess on your carpet.

While writing the front end of a webpage we often miss few essential things which can be done by java script, keyboard shortcuts. Here is a library (based on jQuery), which might help you to do it easily.
Another cool thing, which you can bring to your web pages is mouse gesture. There are  libraries available to do it. like jQuery Gestures & Moousture
I love this cool list of image optimization library. This is really useful of web page developers.
For c/c++ Developers, You might not be knowing about Variadic Macros.  Very useful when you are trying something which takes variable number of arguments.
imageI got excited to know about this cool way to extend your web application   Titanium
 image This is crazy tool!!! Dildroid, Runs On Android, You Know Exactly What It Does.