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Here in this post , I am going to tell you few new things which came on web recently. Then I will discuss about new gadgets. Specially how they have impressed me.
Wolfram|Alpha : This is a new search engine, which can give you accurate facts and figures. e.g when your search “what is population of UK?” you will get an answer as  “60.8 million people  (2007 estimate)”.  I think this is useful in these kind of cases, but it fails when you search “who invented electric bulb?”. This search engine is not of much use. But this has brought healthy competition in the market, to innovate on search engine front.
Bing : Bing is a new search engine from Microsoft. Its kind of re-branding of It has few good features. I love the image search on Bing, I just need to keep on scrolling, and I will keep getting the images. this is better than Google because currently image search technology is not accurate,and I often don't find image, for which i am looking for on my first page. So clicking through the pages is really annoying.
Google Squared: Sometime you want to get your search results in a tabular form, Google has came up with Google Squared to get the search result in tabular form. Try searching “cars” here
Hunch: This is another, product from founder of Flickr, Caterina Fake. Hunch helps you make decisions and gets smarter the more you use it.

image is new office suite launched by adobe. This is another competitor of Google docs. Though there are plenty of online office suite is already available. Like Zoho .
iPhone 3GS:This is new iPhone, which is faster than 3G. Has more memory, has more battery life and has video recording. Its has MMS, Virtual keyboard is better one. Operating system on this new iPhone is faster, they have done some kind of optimization, so that UI will be more responsive.
Palm pre: People are looking palm pre as potential competitor to iPhone. UI wise its really stunning. You van switch between apps without coming to home screen (unlike iPhone). Its has qwerty hardware keyboard. GPS,Video,Music all basic Smartphone feature are there. additionally they have activity cards feature. Which is awesome. You will feel like you are working on laptop.
Toshiba TG01 (code name Tsunagi) : This is new phone from Toshiba, which has world’s fastest processor in it. Phone is based on QUALCOMM's Snapdragon Platform, which has ARM, 1GHz processor speed. This is the first time any phone is reaching the 1Ghz milestone. This phone has big LCD screen. And cool UI. It is based on windows mobile.
Viliv X70: This is a notebook without keyboard. This is really cool. Equipped with all features like Bluetooth and all. and its also has GPS.
Samsung’s Galaxy i7500: This is first Android based phone from Samsung. I feel like this is just the android version of Omnia.
CrunchPad: The Launch Prototype : TechCrunch is a blog company, which has released a prototype of a e-reader. This is a widescreen e-reader, without mouse or keyboard. Its nice Read more here
Thanks, That's it . Read about these gadgets & webapps, and if you like it buy them. Specially the people who are still living the life without any Smartphone, they should buy one now.
Thanks, for reading till end.

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