Knowledge Pipe:How I live on the web (edge)

This is a small diagrammatic representation of how I live on the web, on day to day basis.
I read multiple blog from various sources on Google Reader, When I like some thing I share that, then those things gets posted on twitter via twitterfeed.
Additionally I tweet my actions/activities on twitter, at my will. I do bloging & when I write something really cool I post on twitter. My tweets goes on FaceBook and Orkut so that my college/family friends will get those.
Now what's the benefit of doing all these?
1.When you keep doing these things, your friends, family members always know that you are fine and doing great. Even if they don't read everything you post, they will know that what you are up to?
2.When you post something, which interest your far friend, he will comment back on the items and consequently you will be able to connect.


So if you think it make (even a  bit of) sense to you then please start doing it, and am sure this will make you feel that all of your friends are there with you, you will always get a topic to talk with all of your friend.
This is how social networking should be used. So stop posting message like “how are you?” to your friends and use this whole new way of networking.
This is called networking with a “network of social networks”.


  1. I liked this blog! Wonderful!

  2. Abe oye.. Put the location of the widgets in the Session var or at least in the cookie so that you can preserve the location when i navigate around or reload the page...


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