2 must have Bookmarklet for Chrome

Hey there,
I believe we miss two good feature from Firefox and IE, which is
  1. Automatic detection of RSS feed link.
  2. Ability to have a portable bookmark (somewhere on the cloud)
Let me tell you 2 Bookmarklets (What is Bookmarklet?) which will solve your problem.
1.Google Reader Subscribe Bookmarklet:
image1. Go to [Google Reader ]—>Settings—>goodies page.
image 2. Get Subscribe bookmarlet.
3.Now when every time you visit a blog, to subscribe that just click this bookmarlet. This will automatically detect the RSS link. You can immediately subscribe in your reader as well.
2.Google Bookmark Bookmarklet:
Go to Google bookmark account and at the bottom of the page you will find this Bookmarklet.
Now jus click this Bookmarklet to bookmark anything on Google Bookmarklet.