2 must have Bookmarklet for Chrome

Hey there,
I believe we miss two good feature from Firefox and IE, which is
  1. Automatic detection of RSS feed link.
  2. Ability to have a portable bookmark (somewhere on the cloud)
Let me tell you 2 Bookmarklets (What is Bookmarklet?) which will solve your problem.
1.Google Reader Subscribe Bookmarklet:
image1. Go to [Google Reader ]—>Settings—>goodies page.
image 2. Get Subscribe bookmarlet.
3.Now when every time you visit a blog, to subscribe that just click this bookmarlet. This will automatically detect the RSS link. You can immediately subscribe in your reader as well.
2.Google Bookmark Bookmarklet:
Go to Google bookmark account and at the bottom of the page you will find this Bookmarklet.
Now jus click this Bookmarklet to bookmark anything on Google Bookmarklet.


  1. Very useful post. I'm new to the bookmarklets, and since lately I am using many different machines in many different places new to me, it's nice to have bookmarlets stored on my thumbdrive w/ Chrome. Makes browsing on others machines feel more like home. The subscribe bookmarklet is very much my favorite.

  2. Cherish, thanks for sweet words.
    Hope you will explore more about bookmarklet. they are nice browser independent alternative to plug-ins.

  3. Dear Readers,
    2.Google Bookmark Bookmark-let: is no more required, because chrome brought this as built-in feature.


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