Twimr03: Deep Thought – Ajax – Web Project Management

In past few days I have learned many things. Some of them are really stunning. Looks like innovation is flooding everywhere. I have learned few serious stuff about life too.

1.Awesome thought

“ When I was 5 years old,my mom always told me that happiness was the key to life.When i went to schools,they asked me what i wanted to be when I grew up”. I wrote down “Happy”.They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn't understand life.”


Other than this paragraph above, there are few more things I have learned recently. Those are

  • Stop your sharing spree: These days i am on sharing spree, and share lots lots of thing about myself via twitter/blogs/etc. But now the time has come to stop a bit, actually have to put a  check on what you are  going to do.
  • Stop the expectations and live independent: Yep, i am realising that my expectations have risen in recent past, so I have to keep the expectations low!!! and in fact , i need to start living the life for myself.. again.

2.Cool and neat interface :

This is the interface for making skin for the HP laptops. this is so neat. Its coded in adobe flash player. These things are really appreciating.

image [CLICK HERE] (takes little time to load so, please wait)

3.How to manage a small web project: a simple approach

This is a good article for managing the small web projects. Guess Its good to read if you are at all interested in web programming. [CLICK HERE]

4.Few tips about Ajax

Here are few tips for Ajax and jQuery programming.

Ajaxify your website w/ this jQuery Plug-in

Extend Google Analytics with jQuery (this one using Google Analytics API)

4.Guy who makes all my cross App talks look like a child's play:

Do you have plans to make a great bookmarklet? Do not miss this article.

5.Guideline for presenting your innovation/hack/software

This article is by Christian Heilmann. He is one the default judges in most of the hacking events like HackDay. He is sharing his experiences here, so that next time you go on stage to present your hack please remember these stuff.

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