Twimr02: Five Useful stuff in last 10 days

This is the second edition of my Twimr series. I have started twimr series on my blog to collect various useful stuff via twitter. by tagging my twitter update with a HashTag #twimr.
Today i jus reviewed my twimr basket and I found 5  useful stuff in my basket. Lets know about it.
  1. SlideShare Transcript Viewer: I keep admiring Christian Heilmann for his simple and useful innovations, This is another quick hack from him. If you frequent slide share user, then this might be useful for you.
  2. Gesture recognition in GWT and IT Mill Toolkit: There is lots of innovation happening around the world using Wii Remote Controller, This might, inspire you to create next killer app using this.
  3. Third item in my basket is a real funny thought (was set as status of gTalk by one of my friend) That is “Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine, into your brain, and that is where shitty ideas come from.”
  4. Mashup Generator: This is a cool web based fully drag and drop supported mash-up creator written by a Korean guy. Nice stuff!
  5. 8 Cool Tips & Tricks to Make Most Of Google Chrome: Dont you think, title itself explaining everything, :) I don't have much to say!!

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