Chill yourself and use tweetactive API deals with activeness of people and keyword on twitter. Now tweetactive is exposing few APIs which might help you to build some cool badges which you can be hosted on your blog( or at different random places).


This is simple REST API to get your twitter profile image. (
you can directly display image like
    <img src=””/>

This is to show your tweetactiveindex. tweetactive index is dynamic time decaying value, which shows that how active you are on twitter.
TweetActiveIndex of yours will decay with time if you don't tweet. In one word: more the tweetactive index more you have tweeted in recently. The decay rate also depends on how much you have tweeted.
    Note: this uses query string id.

image 3.GetActivity
what ever you see on twitter badge can be retrieved in JSON format using this API.



image TwitterCompare is a REST CHART API, which shows you the real time motion chart to track the activeness of a keyword.
    simplest form is,keyword2
you can resize the chart like,keyword2&w=300&h=200
you can change the method for comparing,keyword2&w=300&h=200&m=getkeywordactivity [default],keyword2&w=300&h=200&m=gettwitterlove
    gettwitterlove makes intelligent calculation and gets a value which will be corrected by the way people tweet. like iPhone might me popular keyword but popularity does not lies in using that keyword but when people praise the iPhone and not when they criticize it.

View this page when you are lazy.
This is a real-time tracking portal where you can get real-time updates of any keyword on twitter. You need not to refresh the UI. refreshing is automatically done.
this page also displays the trending list at the top.
UI is deliberately made black to give your eyes some rest, while you lazily tracking some event.

Watch a demo on YouTube video

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