How To create multiple twitter account with single email account.

Twitter allows you to create account which is directly mapped to your email ID. This makes the process difficult to create multiple twitter account with single email ID. After reading this blog post you will be able to create it.
Before that lets reveal 2 secrets of email addresses,
email address  is a string separated by symbol ‘@’.  the string before @ can be any character like ‘abcd’ or number ‘1234’. the character ‘.’ {dot} is ignored by SMTP server in the first part of email id.
firstname{dot}lastname{at}gmail{dot}com is same as firstnamelastname{at}gmail{dot}com

anything in the first part of the email address after ‘+’ is completely ignored by the SMTP servers.
i.e. firstname.lastname+anything{at} is same as firstname.lastname{at}gmail{dot}com
cant believe this? try sending mails on these addresses and you will be surprised to see in your own inbox.
Creating Multiple Twitter Account
I guess now you got the idea!! while creating the twitter account you can use email ids like
that's it you are done!!!. Go and experiment now!