Fartastic [Fart application for pocketpc (windows mobile) ]

Hi guys,
Here is a fart application for Pocket PC .
So download the application from here
and enjoy farting on your pocket pc...

what is fart application?
For the people who are ignorant about fart application here is a brief. This is an application which does nothing but produces farting sound after every 10 seconds or so. The fart sound is randomly chosen from the list of few sampled sound.
The only use of such application is to do some naughty stuff. Its up to you to find naughty things. like u can enjoy people making weird faces, when you start this application in elevator (lifts) and put in your pocket.

Sorry for large size of installation, have to put the wav file inside...!! (around 5MB) :(

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  1. Hilarious. My dad would love this. What will the Pocket PC developers think of next?

  2. Here's a very funny little video about a guy who farts in an elevator while trying to pick up a girl:


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