How To create multiple twitter account with single email account.

Twitter allows you to create account which is directly mapped to your email ID. This makes the process difficult to create multiple twitter account with single email ID. After reading this blog post you will be able to create it.
Before that lets reveal 2 secrets of email addresses,
email address  is a string separated by symbol ‘@’.  the string before @ can be any character like ‘abcd’ or number ‘1234’. the character ‘.’ {dot} is ignored by SMTP server in the first part of email id.
firstname{dot}lastname{at}gmail{dot}com is same as firstnamelastname{at}gmail{dot}com

anything in the first part of the email address after ‘+’ is completely ignored by the SMTP servers.
i.e. firstname.lastname+anything{at} is same as firstname.lastname{at}gmail{dot}com
cant believe this? try sending mails on these addresses and you will be surprised to see in your own inbox.
Creating Multiple Twitter Account
I guess now you got the idea!! while creating the twitter account you can use email ids like
that's it you are done!!!. Go and experiment now!

4 photos: That can teach you how to focus the subject

IMG_1445 Focused Subject
IMG_1446Subject is outa focus
IMG_1447Subject Focused and zoomed
Zoomed To Perfection
Another View

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Posting Blog using “Windows Live Writer”

I am posting my blog using “Windows Live Write”. This looks too kool!!!

  1. I can add image

  2. It detects the theme and shows you the similar look & feel.

  3. You can download it, here

  4. Lets publish this blog now…
After Publishing
It looks nice!!!

Evolution of new geek terms

Here is my point of view, explaining few new terms used in web community.

Portal: is one of the old terms used to refer the website. initially when www came in to the picture, all most every company started owning a website explaining about their products and services on web, no matter whether they are web based company or a Hotel (or even a road side electronic store). These kind of websites are called portal.

Time changed and giants like Yahoo MSN and Google evolved. Yahoo and Hotmail (MSN) started with a free web based email service and they diversified themselves into many web based services. Like contacts, using that can store your contacts on web. Calendar services using which you can record your appointment online on web.

When web evolved further, these companies started services to store ur photos on web, videos on web, with the evolution of social networking sites like Face-book and Orkut (and many more out there like mushrooms) lots of thing consolidated.

By the same time companies started exposing API, (a way to access the data stored on their server) . These are called Web APIs. when developers around the world got access to these data they started building website using these APIs. for example everyone can not build the Map kind of service on their website, so if you are a owner of a hotel booking site , you can show hotel location on maps using Google Maps API. One of the nice example is Wikimapia.

Time changed further and some lazy people started making website that does nothing but grabs data from various sources (Using APIs) and display them in fancy format. For Example i can develop a website which will show news nicely put on maps showing exactly where is happening. To develop this kind of website i need not to start a news agency neither i have to start a map survey company. Only thing i need to have is IDEA, and bring Maps from existing map service and news feeds from existing news company. i will put them in nice way on my website. My web site will be termed as Mashup. Term basically came because i am messing with the existing data.
{Google Mashup editor , Yahoo pipes and Google Ajax Play ground are some online tool where you can create mashups}

Cloud (or cloud computing ) is quite a new terminology. Now Internet has grown such a big that  a single web server cannot respond to your request (cus we have millions of people requesting). There is new technology  evolved which is called cloud computing which is a cluster of servers. These servers work nicely to behave as a single web server. So at an instance you can not really say that where from your request got processed or where from you data arrived. So now you can say that my data arrived from Cloud (nice and geeky way).

A Hack is another mashup which may not be using API to grab the data, it might be using some really tricky way to access data from the various website.

Blog if you are reading this then you know what is blog. m not explaining this.

I would love if you explore to know new terms like tweet, tweople , and things like that. Social media is another nice term to know about.

If you are a web developer (or geek) and have nice view explaining any of these terms please put in comments. I would like to collect them here.

Fartastic [Fart application for pocketpc (windows mobile) ]

Hi guys,
Here is a fart application for Pocket PC .
So download the application from here
and enjoy farting on your pocket pc...

what is fart application?
For the people who are ignorant about fart application here is a brief. This is an application which does nothing but produces farting sound after every 10 seconds or so. The fart sound is randomly chosen from the list of few sampled sound.
The only use of such application is to do some naughty stuff. Its up to you to find naughty things. like u can enjoy people making weird faces, when you start this application in elevator (lifts) and put in your pocket.

Sorry for large size of installation, have to put the wav file inside...!! (around 5MB) :(

PocketPC Fart iFart Windows Mobile win mobile ppc pocket pc fart app

Start Learning Javascript (Online Tools, Blogs and many more)

This article is for those people, who have recently developed interest in web programming. Hope you have learned server side basics and now you are trying to impress your friends with nice User Interface of your website. When you will start doing the client side web development, the most annoying and frustrating thing you will find is 'BROWSER'!!!. DOM parsing APIs varies from one browser to other and that result in error and frustration.
NO PROBLEM. We have YUI (Yahoo User Interface). It’s a JavaScript library form Yahoo. YUI.DOM APIs exposes some set DOM parsing APIs; they manage the cross browser problems centrally. So that we web developer can have easy time concentrating on feature rather than dealing with browser complexities.
YUI also provide CSS files that helps in getting a uniform look across the browsers. Request you to read in details on YUI site. They also have some videos on their site (YUI Theatre),

Editor: My recommendation for javascript editor will be Notepad++ OR Aptana Studio .

Debugger: Now Once you are ready with your code, where will you run JavaScript??? of course you will test in browser. But we have best browser to test!! Its Mozilla Firefox. Make sure that you have FireBug (a add-on for firefox). If you don't have you can download it here
I love firebug, this is the best debugger for JavaScript.

Beautify: Now sometime you will love to beautify your JavaScript code. Just to have better control and readability. Though most of the editors do it, but here is an online tool to do it. It’s called Javascript beautifier.

Static Analysis: Now finally here is another JavaScript on-line tool to verify and find some critical problems in your JavaScript code!! JLINT

This is one of the nice tutorials about JavaScript. Here Do not forget to go thru the videos on YUI theater. specialy this one
Yahoo! JavaScript Architect Douglas Crockford provides a comprehensive introduction to the JavaScript Programming Language in this four-part video:
Part 1: 31 minutes
Part 2: 31 minutes 
Part 3: 29 minutes
Part 4: 20 minutes
Download slides (zipped PowerPoint file)
I will love to recommend these 3 blogs.
I love to recommend Christians personal blog.. He is a geek so you can track his blog as well.

Do not forget to see this JavaScript library. if you are looking to have some cool animation on your site.

That’s it enjoy developing and Mashing Up.. Ooh ya here is few nice things to do mash up
YQL and Google ajax playground