hAcK dAy iNdia (My Tools are ready)

Hi Hackers,
jus wanted to share what are the tools m having on my lappy before I am coming to the hackday !
Yahoo Open Hack Day is primarily for web developer !!! but wait.. even if you are not a web developer or even if u dont have any prior knowledge of web you can still be champ out there!! Like me i am not a web developer, m hard core C/C++ programmer, work most of the time on embedded platform. but still i think I will be one of the challenging hacker.
More than hacking and wining the prizes; hackday is gr8 for networking and meeting people !! most importantly you will meet Filo (Yahoo Co-founder) ,Chris (codepo8) and many more !!!

Here are the few things i have installed on my lappy !! may be u can use the same.
(I have windows based lappy)

*Notepad++ : For simple text editing like javascript/html/css or even php code!!
*Aptana Studio: For advanced editing of javascript/html/css/php and many more web languages.
*Python 2.5: pyhton is gr8 language for web programming, moreover its a language of one of the most popular cloud Google App Engine!!!
*Google App Engine: You can install Google App Engine, if u have any plans to host web pages on App Engine.
*Twhirl: Twitter client to communicate and collaborate with fellow hackers. This is also important that you share your hackday experience with rest of the world, and tell them that they are missing something big.

Do not forget to bring camera, cus m sure u will like to capture the moments!!!

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