Twitter is all about remaining connected with your friends, but some of your friends who don’t access twitter often are lost. That’s why I have developed TweetActive which shows your and your friends TweetIndex. TweetIndex is true measurement of your activity on twitter. This helps in identifying the friends of yours who are not active and need you to ping. It also helps you to identify yourself that u need to tweet if your TweetIndex is bellow a certain value.

TweetIndex is true inspiration for tweeting.

Have a look

Small javascript hack to know your twitter speed

I have created a webpage accesible here , which will tell you your speed of tweeting.

This page is compleate javascript implementation, no php or any kind of serverside code.
it uses YQL to retrieve the data.
here is the page

Read the instruction to view your twitter speed 

you can use this page to display ur twitter speed on your blog... include a html gadget and fetch this code

<iframe src="">