Licenced Software Engineer??????

There are few people in this world, who think that now software engineer should be licensed, because their decisions has risk of life (as good as medical doctors).

I think this is true, being a software engineer we should be careful while writing the code, every mess up we do today, can have a bigger impact tomorrow. Simply just you see software in mobile, mobile software are becoming slower than ever even though our hardware has dramatically evolved. Our current software is not at all optimized.

We need software professionals who are responsible towards the community, because every time when you do mistake in your code or writing code casually, end of the day your spoiling the entire software community and making bad impact on software evolution.

I never get surprised when i knew that V8 engine is much more (130 times) faster than Microsoft's JavaScript engine. its nothing like Google has done gr8 level of optimization, rather Google just had a fresh look on the JavaScript engine. They were completely focused on the development, has done the development in shorter span of time, so not much of mess-up in the code. and that is how its faster...

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