Wipro is worst hit.

As all of know that the there is a slow down in financial sector in US.  Now the funny part is Stayam and Wipro are the worst hit companies, Though TCS brings 43-44 % of its revenue from the financial service which is the highest percentage comparing top 4 services companies in India (TCS, Wipro, Infosys and Satyam). 
  • Wipro is known as biggest player in telecommunication amoung these 4 companies, good thing is telecom is currently on boom, so by the equation wipro should be booming. But..NO its doing layoff.
  • This Year job Offers (to freshers) from Satyam and Wipro were about 33-50 % lower while that of TCS and Infosys Technologies were 16% and 12% lower, respectively.
  • Ok, now goto Google News and search for Wipro ( u will be surprised to read news abt wipro)
Come on Wipro you need to do some thing for this. May be you replace your idiotic and technically dumb managers, and old, tired, un-energetic top management.

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