Chrome: Google did it again.

Wow..What a great marketing strategy. (I will say that it’s not marketing)
Chrome is a new browser coming out... which is developed from scratch in Google. Now observe these.
  1. One day before launching the browser Google has launched the comic story which is gr8 introduction about the browser Read Here
  2. This gave time for people to read and know about browser well before they will experience the browser itself.
  3. This will give a complete understanding of browser to the users, before using it.
  4. I typically don’t read get started document of any software, unless I feel difficult in using it, now I have read everything about Chrome because I was not having the actual browser in hand.
  5. And after reading I found that its really great work by Google. They are now getting hold of internet with a browser running on every desktop and then an Operating system running on every mobile (Android)
This will look like that the whole world belongs to internet.
Good luck Google…Rock the world!!!!!!!!

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