Convert your Pocket-PC into iPhone in easy steps.

Spb shell

Install any shell application

Spb Shell (paid)
Ifonz (free)
FreeStyle (free)

spb-shell is best available shell, but its not free, though you can choose to use iFonz and FreeStyle. IFonz is a good option, and freestyle requires lots of things before you can user this.

Install a iPhone style Keyboard

PocketCM Keyboard

PocketCM is good keyboard, actually this is my choice. but you have option as HappyTapping.

Install contact application

1.PocketPCM Contact
2.OR IContact

PocketPCM contact is a gr8 software, in-fact i love it. Do not miss this tool on any case.
iContact is just an option.

Install an Image Viewer

PocketPCM ImageViewer

PocketPCM Image Viewer is a gr8 tool and its free, but the author expects some donation. If you happy with it please donate some money.
S2V is another option.
Opera Mobile 9.5

Install Opera mobile Browser.. this is full touch enabled browser
Step-6 (optional step)
Install a calendar application
PocketPCM Calendar

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