Introduction:Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a massively-scalable all-in-one application, database, and storage hosting solution by Google.
It means using this solution you can start your own active website. The next big feature of this service is that everything will run on Google infrastructure, and it’s totally scalable. Scalability means, performance (capability to handle request) of your website can be varied without any hassles.

How it’s different from Geo-cities/Google pages kinds of hosting?

  • Geo-cities kind of hosting allows you to put only html content, which is kind of dead pages, where you can just put information and nothing else.
  • When you go for this kind of service, you will write some code to display the pages; this code will be executed on the Google server. Since your code gets executed on Google server, Google has huge security risk, you might do something which can delete/expose some of the data from Google server.
  • To run your application, Google is using application Virtualization, which facilitates Sand-Box so that Google server can minimize the security risk, and simultaneously can give you scalability.

Currently you have to code your web application in python(its a programming language), which should be WSGI compatible.

Your can store your data in Big-Table, which has to be manipulated with GQL( a new query language similar to SQL).

Watch out for next blog for writing your first hello world application

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