Nivio on attack

Here I am describing one of the hacking incidents that happened with me. On 15th June 2007, several news sites posted news that Nivio is going to launch first windows based online desktop.
The news was attractive so I rushed to the site and registered myself to its free service. But soon I got a mail that the service will be available to me in few weeks as there are lots of registered users.

Mail reads some like this

“Nivio is in beta and we have had thousands of applications waiting to be activated. We need to ensure that the performance you get is mind blowing and therefore are controlling the number of users we let onto the system at a given moment. This also allows us to fine tune the service.”

But see what happens this mail was set to a special group mail id whose permission is open to all…

So First person named Lucas Fontes replied to all next was me to test the flaw. Then think what happens, whole lot of mails with reply to all.

This shows how technically sound Nivio People are.

I am surprised that what will happen when they will start windows based desktop. I think people will never excuse, they will try to exploit it also.

It’s a good future of Nivio.


  1. that was me ;)

  2. good to see you..:P
    how you doing?

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