Vint Cerf

On fab 21 (this Wednesday) I went to attend a speech by Vint Cerf (Known as the father of internet), the speech was organized by Google. Its a great initiative by Google to organize a series of speeches. Vint Cerf spoke about the past , present and future of internet. The talk was absolutely nice and no where it was like Google advertisement, but I saw blog of many attendees that says that the Google is advertising itself by making use of Vint Cerf. I think these people are crazy, they don’t know the fact that Google does not need any advertisements, it is a passion of millions of people without putting a single image on its Home Page. Those who thinks that feedback form was to hire people were more crazy, because they are unaware of the fact that Google is one of the highest paying employer in the world, and its not Google who needs people, but its people who needs Google. The format of Feedback form is very common in all kinds of such speeches/conference.

Spark @ Wipro

Wipro Bangalore celebrated its annual cultural and sports event SPARKS-07 on 17Feb07.This grand celebration held at
Kanteerva Stadium.The mentionable personalities were Harsha Bhogale, Premji, Kapil Dev, Mandira Bedi and Sonu Nigam.
The event was stopped by the police at 10:40PM.