Map and Navigation

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“The Google Earth” is revolutionizing the Navigation Technology. The next era will be of the devices equipped with the GPS and full featured map database which will direct us through the cities. Till now the HP’s iPaq is bringing a basic form of this technology. But I hope this technology will evolve further so that the every car’s wind shield will be a transparent LCD screen where the Driver will see the Map of the City as well as the traffic right in front of him.

Imagine that your car tells you following information

  1. How much more time left to reach your destination.
  2. Till now what was your Avg Speed (from certaing point)
  3. In Which Direction your Car is going.
  4. What are the route available for destination and their traffic conditions.
  5. In Real Time which path is the best path depending upon your preferences (Time/Distance)
  6. Where is nearest Hotel/Hospital/Shop where i will get this product/service.
  7. Where is petrol bunk so that i can refuel.
  8. And so on many things