Google Page Creator

After a long time, I found this service of Google on which I want to put some comment. Since Google expanding its business area and its started many service. like Gmail, Personalized Search, Google Earth,Google Reader, Google Analytics... and much more.

All these services are really amazing....

I think at least 4 weeks ago I came to know that the Google have launched its new service Google Page creator from its site I immediately rushed to get the service but I disappointed to know that the service in not opened for all due to resource problem. No Problem!! I have submitted my request for it., and yesterday I got the mail from Google that now I can get the Page Creator Service.

I started with lot of enthusiasm and excitement but I found that this service got nothing new except the browser embedded editor and a space to host your personal pages.

I think now the Google become the same old kind of company who always brings the older concepts to business. I mean I didn’t find any thing interested in this new service of Google.

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